OUR WORK: Empowering Communities

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Empowering Communities: The built environment touches almost every aspect of our lives. It makes sense to put people at the heart of design.  Architecture and Design Scotland knows from experience how much better buildings and places are when the people who use them are actively involved in shaping them. We have focussed much of our work on making this happen.

A&DS supports communities by providing advice and support. We promote the benefits of community engagement and share examples of what others are doing to enable communities to learn from each other.

Our Services

Are you a community group interested in accessing more information about how to make a difference in your place? Here are some of the ways we support Community Empowerment.

Place Standard: a service supporting communities and public services to work together to assess and improve the quality of a place.

Making Places: a pilot project to provide support for community placemaking projects across Scotland.

Stalled Spaces Scotland: would you like to know how you could make a small difference in your local area?  Check out our Stalled Spaces Scotland Resources here.

Town Centre Living: a design advice service on town centre living, initially looking at town centres as Caring Places for older people. We engage with a range of groups, including representatives of the third sector and caring communities.

Read our blogs about inspiring Community Projects here.

Get in Touch

If you are involved in a community project in Scotland and would like our support please get in touch with us.

Our Work

We work to ensure that more people in Scotland:

  • Involved in decisions that affect their places
  • Benefit from well-designed buildings, places and spaces
  • See how good design adds value to their lives

Our Other Focus Areas:

The delivery of inclusive growth through more and better housing

Creating better schools, hospitals and other public investment

Improving the design quality of infrastructure and public space

OUR APPROACH: Providing Advice

One of our key areas of work is to provide advice on design - A&DS supports investment in homes and public buildings, and everything in between.

Making Places

Making Places: This project is about community empowerment and capacity building through community events and workshops.

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