How to design places that prevent problems

Image of a man-made pathway leading to the Orchard at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Published: 03/06/2024

Free online event to explore preventative design

Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS), Scotland's design agency for place, is hosting a free online forum on Preventative Design. The event will explore how design can be used to proactively create healthy, sustainable places that promote wellbeing and safety for all.

Preventative design is all about thinking ahead during the design phase. By incorporating features that discourage negative behaviours and promote safety, well-being, and positive interaction, preventative design helps create places that thrive

It can support many aspects of places – from environmental considerations to healthy living to safeguarding investment. 

Join us to hear inspiring speakers discuss:

  • Designing homes for life's stages: Learn how architects are creating housing developments that cater to everyone, from young families to older people.
  • Dementia-friendly design: Discover how thoughtful design can make a big difference for people living with dementia.
  • Building a sustainable future: Explore how preventative design principles can be used to create sustainable, safe and healthy communities.
  • Real-world examples: Hear from experts behind transformative projects happening right here in Scotland and beyond.

The free session will be chaired by Architecture and Design Scotland’s Director of Design Heather Claridge who said “Instead of reacting to problems after they arise, preventative design anticipates potential issues and designs them out from the beginning. We believe this is the value that design can bring to our places and how we plan, build and invest in them. By bringing together examples from across Scotland and beyond we hope this session will inspire others to take this approach.”


Event details: 

Wednesday 19 June 2024 
11:00 -13:00 (Online, using Teams)  

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Speakers include:

  • Ewan Anderson, Director, 7N Architects, speaking about the housing at Fraser Avenue, Inverkeithing
  • Rekha Barry-Houston, Senior Architect, Anderson Bell Christie, speaking about Creveul Court, Alexandria, speaking about future-proofing affordable housing stock by incorporating designing for dementia principles in a town centre setting 
  • Kevin McGeough, Head of Strategy and Place-making at Ebbsfleet Development Corporation and A&DS design panellist, speaking about delivering a healthy Garden City for the 21st century and sharing the lessons of delivering Ebbsfleet, the first Garden City in the UK for 100 years, to Healthy New Town objectives
  • Christine Owen, Associate Director (Scotland), Innovation Unit, speaking about designing community led, place-based innovation programmes 
  • Rodney Mountain, Tayside NHS Surgeon and Healthcare Improver, speaking about the value of appointing a project artist from day one and the use of Ethnographic Observation, recording human activities and interactions within specific environments

This free session is perfect for:

  • Architects, planners and designers
  • Developers and policymakers
  • Communities, third sector organisations and anyone interested in creative thriving places

About Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS):

At Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) we believe that design has the power to bring people together and make better places for everyone. This belief comes from seeing first-hand how design can help resolve complex, and sometimes, conflicting issues. Design has a unique and vital role to play in transforming places and changing lives. 

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