Freedom of information

On this page you can find out about how to access held by Architecture and Design Scotland, and your rights as part of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act.

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The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 was designed to promote a culture of openness and accountability amongst public sector bodies by providing people with access to the information held by them. 

Information can be requested under the Act. It’s important to mention that exemptions can apply, but we will only use these where it’s unavoidable. An example of this might be where information is of a commercially sensitive nature.

Architecture and Design Scotland has adopted the Scottish Information Commissioners Model Publication Scheme and has produced and published our Model Publication Scheme 2015 which details the information we make available in each of the Classes identified.  

If you have a request for information, please contact our Corporate Infrastructure Manager: 

Phone: 0131 556 6699 
International: +44 131 556 6699 



If you have a complaint about Architecture and Design Scotland, please see our complaints handling procedure below. 

Complaints handling procedure 
Sample complaints letter 



If you have any questions about the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, or the Data Protection Act 2018, please contact the Communications Manager on 0131 556 6699. 

Alternatively you can find out more information from: 

Scottish Information Commissioner -

Information Commissioner's Office

Additionally, services such as ‘What Do They Know’ can be used to submit requests 



Architecture and Design Scotland’s board members and design forum panellists are provided with guidance as to how they should undertake their roles on behalf of the organisation. 

The Guidance for members of Architecture and Design Scotland's board can be found here

The Guidance for Design forum panellists can be found be found here - PDF.  

Reporting Obligations 

As a non-departmental public body, A&DS is obliged to report on our website the salary of any Senior Appointments as defined by the Scottish Government Pay Policy Unit. 

Jim MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer:  £75,000 – £80,000 (2021/22). 

No other staff members meet the reporting criteria.