Place Standard: Arbroath

A group of people walking away from the camera at dusk through a high street
Published: 22/11/2016

Working with Place Standard partners Architecture and Design Scotland led a short workshop at an Angus Managers Forum event, comprising managers across the Community Planning Partnership.

Developing a new approach

Mixed table groups of cross-service managers completed a Place Standard assessment of Arbroath Town Centre then reviewed the spider diagram output, sharing knowledge in the process. This process was part of the developing approach to locality planning.

“It showed the importance of having these discussions in a way which everyone can be involved, how scaling can assist in forming a view of the current position and transferring this to the compass diagram with key points allows further conversation to develop and consideration to be given to any overlap or alternative considerations between themes.” – Lead officer

Whilst discussion at the event addressed one area in a short period of time it nevertheless drew out valuable insights and the experience also went on to influence the way officers worked with one another elsewhere and across services. The success of the event stimulated a way of “inviting and directing discussion” with community participants at a series of locality events considering urban and rural areas.

“Overall this is a tool which can be used to develop conversations at all levels including corporate and community which will therefore lead to an overall better collaborative approach to talking about “place”.

Lead officer

Outcomes included:

  • providing a bridging point for focus and discussion between all services and with communities
  • finding a new means of managing locality planning and engaging with communities including tenant groups/neighbourhoods
  • demonstrating the importance of a collaborative approach, taking account of what the current position is, identifying opportunities for joint working
  • providing baseline briefing evidence to inform the Arbroath town charette in early 2016

Development management also recognised that the application of the tool to assess emerging proposals could help negotiate improvements to proposed developments when preparing for future planning applications.

Working together to improve the quality of places across Scotland

The Place Standard is an easy to use tool to evaluate a place, from planning community services to designing and improving neighbourhoods. You can read real-life examples of the Place Standard tool in action from case studies available on our website.

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