Campaign launched to champion the Value of Design

A young person presenting her ideas of a pavilion to her community and designers.
Published: 19/06/2024

Good design is… Carbon-conscious, collaborative and creates opportunities for all

(27 June 2024) A new campaign is being launched today to highlight the vital role that design plays in creating successful places across Scotland. Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS), Scotland’s design agency for place, has launched the campaign to highlight the value of good design. 

The Value of Design campaign will showcase how thoughtful design can transform communities, boost opportunities, and improve overall well-being. 

Outlining the thinking behind the campaign A&DS Director of Design Heather Claridge said “Design is about understanding the everyday requirements of people and communities, and then using creativity and innovation to create places that meet these needs and are sustainable now and into the future.” 

Five key trends

Five key trends in our places that mean we need design: 

  • Ageing population:  We need to design supportive places for our changing demographics. 
  • Housing crisis: There is a shortage of good, well-designed and affordable housing we need good design to use existing assets or creating flexible and well-designed housing.  
  • Change in retail: As our retail patterns change, we need to design cities and towns that provide vibrant places for communities to thrive to support a liveable and productive Scotland.  
  • Biodiversity and climate crisis: We need to use design to adapt and create places for biodiversity, climate adaptation and sustainable local living.  
  • Inclusion: Design should include the people who will use the spaces or buildings. 

Our perspective on the importance of design

The first phase of the Value of Design campaign will includes a series of videos introducing Architecture and Design Scotland’s perspective on the importance of design. It will be followed by more content from across the sector and from the users of designs. The campaign will run until the end of September, mainly across Architecture and Design Scotland’s social media channels and website.

“We believe in the power of design to make a real difference to the lives of people in Scotland,” said Jim MacDonald, Chief Executive, Architecture and Design Scotland. “By working together, we can create places that support strong communities and a thriving economy.” 


For more information about the ‘Value of Design’ campaign, please contact: 
Anja Ekelof, Communications Manager, Architecture and Design Scotland.


Header image of a young person presenting her ideas of a pavilion to designers and community members by Miss Lydia Photography

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