Scotland's climate week 2023

A photograph of a person installing and air source heat pump to a building. The words Let's Do Net Zero in white writing are place on the image.
Published: 12/09/2023

Scotland's Climate Week takes place between 25 September - 1 October 2023. The focus this year is to take action in areas that have the most impact. This includes looking at how we as individuals can take action - for example by leaving the car at home or improving the energy efficiency of our homes.  You can find out how you can take action on Scotland's Climate Week website. 

What we're doing for Climate Week 2023

At Architecture and Design Scotland tackling the climate emergency is at the heart of our work. We know that the built environment contributes significantly to emissions and we need to work together, at speed, to solve the climate crisis. We also know that places that are carbon-conscious can be better places for people. This is something that we have been exploring in our Climate Action Towns project, and before that in our Carbon Conscious Places work. 

Warm homes in a changing climate 

This year we will also be trialling a new way to share expertise on working on climate-related issues. In our first LinkedIn Live audio event Place Conversations: Warm homes in a changing climate we will have a conversation exploring the issues of retrofit, placemaking and home heating. It takes place at 12:30 on Thursday 28 September on LinkedIn.

Inspiring blogs on climate action 

As part of our Climate Actions Towns project, we invited organisations to write about climate action. Read these to find out more about green space and biodiversity and explore a route map to support community resilience. 

Creating green space and biodiversity - by Green Action Trust 

Community resilience and the climate emergency - by sustainability charity Sniffer 

About Scotland's Climate Week

Scotland's Climate Week is an annual event that encourages individuals, communities and businesses to come together to show support for tackling the climate emergency. It's also a great opportunity to share success stories which can inspire others to take action.