Sharing examples of climate action in Scotland

A person cooking in the shared kitchen at Lang Spoon Community Kitchen
Published: 21/08/2023

(21 August 2023) We have been gathering examples of inspiring community led projects that deliver place-based climate action.  These help to illustrate examples of the eight principles of a carbon conscious place across Scotland.

As part of our work on the Climate Action Towns project, we are often asked for examples of what other places are doing to tackle climate change. The examples we have been gathering aim to share the diversity of climate action – from smaller community food initiatives and upcycling projects, to strategic environmental management of river catchments and town centre regeneration.

These are just a small sample of great projects happening already across Scotland, which seek to design and adapt environments to act on the impacts of climate change. Our approach of looking at climate action through the lens of ‘place’ aims to encourage relevant stakeholders to come together to ensure changes made are strategic, relevant and with maximum impact for local communities.

Climate Action Towns is a 3-year project which supports nine towns across Scotland to take action in tackling the climate emergency. We have been working closely in the towns to identify opportunities, break down barriers, and support communities to deliver relevant, place appropriate climate actions. Click here to read more about the project.

Our resource of place-based climate actions

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