Scottish Government Development planning workshop

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A+DS has helped to facilitate a workshop for representatives of Scottish Government policy areas who contribute to single responses to planning authorities as plans are prepared. The workshop considered the nature of what a plan is (and what it might be), with the aim of encouraging a more joined up approach to development plans.

After an introductory session that provided an update on plan progress, participants ranked a series of statements about plan expectations. The ‘top’ three were:

  • Development Plans promote good placemaking with policies and proposals that help to achieve high quality places
  • A Development Plan should identify what goes where and why, and provide a clear programme for actions
  • Development Plans are not just for planners; but for multiple audiences with differing needs

Following this, groups reviewed a number of Scottish and international plans, and used a set of criteria for assessing a plan by asking ‘Does the plan ….

  1. PLACE – … demonstrate how it is rooted in an appreciation of place identity? (the qualities and characteristics of the area)
  2. Vision – …convey an inspiring vision?
  3. Prioritise – …communicate clearly the scale, location, focus and hierarchy of change?
  4. Richness – …provide a three-dimensional richness to the plan that makes it come alive?
  5. The Story – …explain the rationale and provide a compelling narrative?
  6. Scalar – …span the scales – from strategic to local?

A key message was that plans should strike a balance between containing the necessary text to fulfil its purpose in relation to planning process, and being presented as visually appealing, succinct documents. A concluding session provided an update on the Development Planning Gateway.

The attached summary note provides further information on the event.

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