Our plan: we want to hear from you

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Published: 20/11/2023

We are asking you for your thoughts on what we plan to do in 2024-27. Explore more on this page or go straight to the survey.

We want to hear from you

Jim MacDonald, Chief Executive invites you to have your say on our Corporate Plan 2024-27

Power of design

At Architecture and Design Scotland we are Scotland's champion for well-designed buildings and places. We use the power of design, collaboration and creative thinking to improve people's lives. 
Ultimately, our work helps to address inequality, create opportunities for people and improve the way our public services are delivered.  

Making the Place Principle the way we create places

Our team uses their design skills to help everyone in a place work together to agree its future. In this way, our buildings and places reflect the needs of the whole community and make the best use of available funding. 

This is what the Scottish Government's Place Principle is all about and we want to play our part in making this the way things are done everywhere in Scotland.   

You can find out more about the Place Principle here. 

Our work in 2024-27

In 2021 we launched our ten-year strategy. You can read more about the strategy here. 
We've broken the delivery of this strategy into 3-year plans. 

We are now planning our future work for 2024-27. 

Our proposed mission

We have set out the following proposed mission.

Over the next three years, we will continue to use design to help people explore the potential of their place, whatever its scale. In the spirit of the Place Principle, we will work with our partners to test, apply, and learn from new ways of working as we promote people-centred, climate conscious design and collaborate to address inequality, create opportunity, and inform innovation in the way wider public services are delivered. 

By 2027 we want to see the emergence of more place partnerships that will deliver change and create sustainable, liveable, productive places designed with, and for, people. To make this happen we will collaborate with people in places across Scotland, redouble our efforts to share what we learn and work with partners to remove barriers and enable change. In the longer term, we believe these actions will see place-based partnerships become the established way of doing things across Scotland.  

This means that our focus to 2027 will be to support place partnerships which exemplify the adoption and implementation of a whole-place collaborative approach and create an accessible knowledge base for place stakeholders. We will show what a place-based collaboration means in practice, outline the benefits it brings, give examples of how it can be done and identify what stops it from happening.

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