Scotland Build: Adding Value Through Good Design

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Blog by Jim MacDonald, Chief Executive, Architecture and Design Scotland

Adding Value Through Good Design: Next month I will be speaking at Scotland Build – Scotland’s largest construction show which is dedicated entirely to opportunities in building, construction, architecture and design across Scotland. I am looking forward to the opportunity to share our experience on the value of design with professionals and clients from across the sector. I hope to see you there.

At its best, the work of everyone involved in the built environment is creative, inspiring and collaborative. It creates places where everyone can thrive. I am fortunate to see examples of this through the work we do with architects, designers, clients and construction professionals across the country who shape our new buildings and places.

Design can transform people’s lives

As Scotland’s champion of good design, A&DS role is to show how design can transform people’s lives and empower people to shape the future of their own buildings and places.

Events like Scotland Build allow those involved in creating our places to meet and engage in ways to promote the value of design and its power to make a difference to all our lives. We are particularly glad that we can showcase our materials library which is a great resource to encourage more use of sustainable materials and building processes.

There is an evolving debate on quality across the built environment. Quality in terms of design, buildability and construction. We should all engage in this, as it is at the heart of how we deliver a built environment which has longevity, can leave a legacy and one that adds value to our communities. Unfortunately, we know all too well the issues that arise when quality isn’t designed-in from the outset.

Adding social benefit

Through the work A&DS does we can see how design adds value. Adding value is about the bottom line but most importantly it is about the social benefit of projects. At a time when there is ongoing investment in our schools, hospitals and other public buildings it will be important to show how good design and architecture is essential to realising benefits for everyone who uses these and other services.

We believe it is fundamentally important that the user’s voice guides this process and we absolutely see the need to involve users at the earliest stage of project development – well-before we seek to engage designers or contractors. If we get this right – and there are examples of where we do – I believe it is much more likely that the completed project will deliver value and provide the kind of environment that supports the user.

By demonstrating the value that design adds we hope to work with everyone across the sector to create fantastic places across Scotland. We look forward to seeing you there.

Jim MacDonald, Chief Executive, A&DS, will speak at 10:40 am on Day 2, Scotland Build.

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If you are planning to visit Scotland Build on 20-21 March at the SECC come and visit up at Stand C66 where you can see our new Digital Gallery as well as sample the benefits of our materials library.

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