Reflections: The importance of home

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By Daniel McKendry, A&DS.

When looking at the Disappearing Glasgow exhibition featuring the photography and videos by Chris Leslie, I was stuck by the humanity steeped in these stark but beautiful images of urban decay.

Family photographs, beloved décor, windows to happier days when these people were filled with hope of brighter futures. The viewer becomes part detective, part historian, part archaeologist, piecing together distant voices, artefacts and shadows to come to the simple truth of the importance of home.

Image by John Maher

Image by John Maher

The same thoughts had struck me equally poignantly when looking into the previously cherished yet now abandoned Hebridean crofts captured in John Maher’s Nobody’s Home exhibition in 2016. Whilst the reasons for people leaving were different, the ghosts left are the same. Different though is the fact that the descendants of the Islanders can return to the remains of the ancestral homes  and reimagine a past and future, the former communities of demolished Glasgow have no place to place to pay their respects.

What can this say to people about their place in society? ‘Lewis No More, Red Road No More!’

Image by Chris Leslie (main image also by Chris Leslie)

Image by Chris Leslie (main image also by Chris Leslie)

Exhibition: Disappearing Glasgow

A multimedia exhibition and book ‘Disappearing Glasgow’ by Chris Leslie documents an era of spectacular change in Glasgow.

Selecting the correct stone

This is a pre-recorded CPD by SFGB which will have industry experts for the live Q&A on selecting the correct stone.

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