Learning and Teaching Settings: Prototyping and Incremental Change in Existing Buildings

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A&DS has published guidance to help local authorities and schools improve their learning environments through prototyping and incremental change.  Learning and Teaching Settings – Prototyping and Incremental Change in Existing Buildings illustrates how local authorities and individual schools can use small scale interventions to test and implement different learning and teaching settings and use strategic incremental change to transform existing school environments. 

This publication demonstrates how small scale, low risk interventions within existing schools can be used as a vehicle to unlock potential and create opportunities to transform existing environments over a period of time through incremental change. At whole estate level, the approach can link strategic assessment of existing buildings with learning and teaching aspirations. The key points to note for these interventions are presented in a simple, easy to follow way along with ideas and examples of completed work in Scottish schools.   

This document supports the ‘Why Refurbish’ guide published by A&DS which highlights the benefits of school refurbishments and how local authorities can achieve high quality results and innovative designs in the most cost effective way. 

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