Larbert Loch Design Competition

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A limited, two stage, collaborative design competition for small and emerging design practices to design and build a permanent viewing platform at Larbert Loch at Forth Valley Royal Hospital – a place (destination) for the enjoyment of patients, staff and visitors to this landmark site.

This competition, organised by Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) on behalf of the Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) and NHS Forth Valley, invites small and emerging design practices to prepare collaborative proposals for a fully realisable structure, constructed entirely from locally sourced Scottish timber, encompassing a viewing platform within the grounds of Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert. The winning practice will be expected to deliver the project on site and be fully involved in the construction process. This could be realised as a self-build project for those suitably skilled and experienced, or could be delivered by more traditional methods through a Contractor, with close involvement by the designer.

There is a budget of £30,000 to deliver the winning design including a modest design fee. It is anticipated that the timber will be donated by local timber suppliers.

The competition will be run in two stages. This first phase invites applicants to develop concept designs only, from which 5 entrants will be invited to proceed to Stage 2. For Stage 2, 5 applicants will be asked to develop detailed technical, deliverable designs, fully costed and technically robust.

Submission date – Friday 20 April 2012 – 5pm.

All questions and queries are to be directed to:
Kate Hendry, Sust. Programme Manager, Architecture + Design Scotland.

Email –

All interested participants should download all competition details and appendices.


Selecting the correct stone

This is a pre-recorded CPD by SFGB which will have industry experts for the live Q&A on selecting the correct stone.

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