For June it’s Pitairlie Sandstone

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Why it’s inspired us…

This 100% natural sandstone from Monikie near Dundee has a density and hardness which makes it ideal for drystone dyking.

It can also be used as a cladding material, roofing tile and as stone floor- Angus flagstones which were world renowned in the 19th Century.

Why we’d like it to inspire you…

Pitairlie sandstone was used in our Broughty Ferry House Case Study – which displays the variations in the colour of the stone. Do you think the sandstone compliments the rest of the building? Does it fit well for a seaside location?

What would you use Pitairlie sanstone for?

Do you have any suggestions for another MATERIAL OF THE MONTH for the Library of Sustainable Building Materials?

Or even another material? Please let us know!

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