Announcement of Winning Design – Competition for Garden Room

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NHS Tayside, Ninewells Community Garden and Forestry Commission Scotland are pleased to announce that the Ninewells Garden Room Design Competition has been won by Jonathan Reeve and The Voigt Partnership Limited. The competition asked entrants to create a bespoke Garden Room at the community garden at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee – a place (destination) for the enjoyment of patients, staff and visitors in the garden.

The winning ‘Leaf Room’ structure will be built on the Ninewells Community Garden site with direct input from the designers and using home-grown sustainable Scottish Larch, Spruce and Douglas Fir supplied by BSW Timber.

The leaf room is inspired from a natural form helping to connect the building to the garden it serves. The proposed building replicates this natural form with a leaf shaped roof overhanging a rectangular shaped room underneath.

The building will be constructed primarily in Natural Scottish Timber: the main structure being Douglas Fir columns supporting a large primary beam (main leaf stem) with supporting rafters (leaf veins). The external walls will be highly insulated traditional timber frame construction with Scottish Larch cladding finish. The roof above (leaf blade) is basically an oval shape tilted on one end then folded down at either side of its central axis, and is supported wholly by the column and rafter structure as opposed the main walls of the room. The roof shape lends itself to water collection at both sides of the roof for gardening use.

This allows the main room to be inserted underneath in a regular rectangular shape which will not only be economical to build, but will also allow various functions to happen inside: a living room, a garden retreat, a community presentation/talk, an educational training facility etc.

Large folding sliding doors at the corner will fold away to allow the corner to become fully opened – seamlessly blending the interior with the exterior. The decking outside will be a continuation of the timber flooring inside further assisting in this illusion/connection between inside and out and helping people inside the building connect to the garden. The corner window will not only connect the room with the garden, but will look out to the nearby Maggie’s Centre.

The proposal is innovative, exciting, fully realistic and buildable; and will sit comfortably in the garden space it occupies, creating a strong connection between building and garden. The new room could be a fantastic addition to the excellent existing community garden.

Competition for Garden Room

The judging panel was delighted by the number of entries submitted in this two-stage competition and honed the initial response down to ten entries. From these ten entries, three were shortlisted for further design development and judging took place on 22 July 2015.

Sarah Griffiths the Garden Facilitator for Ninewells Community Garden said:

We had a great response to the competition and the standard of the final submissions was extremely high, making choosing the winner even more difficult.

Kevin Lafferty, Forestry Commission Scotland; Health & Recreation Advisor said:

Working with area Health Boards to green up their open space for the benefit of patients, staff and visitors is something we have done for a number of years now. The Garden Room at Ninewells Hospital overlooking the woodland is another exciting example of environment and health sector working in partnership in Scotland.

Neil Horton from BSW Timber Ltd which is supplying timber for the building from their Timeless Timber range said:

The winning design showcases how Scottish Timber can be used in construction to create a landmark structure for people to enjoy all year round. Not only did Jonathan Reeve and The Voigt Partnership Limited demonstrate skillful development in their detail design they also maintained the clarity of concept that had been presented at stage one.

Jonathan Reeve of The Voigt Partnership said:

The Voigt Partnership is delighted to have been successful in winning the Ninewells Garden Room Competition. The leaf room is inspired from a natural form helping to connect the building to the garden it serves. We look forward to working closely with the client so this exciting proposal can be fully realised and compliment the fantastic community garden at Ninewells.

You can read more about the background to the project in the Forestry Commission Blog

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