Learning Note: What We Learned from Finland

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This Learning Note shares the outcome of a Reflective Learning seminar convened jointly by Architecture and Design Scotland and Children in Scotland. The purpose of the seminar was to reflect on the learning from a cohort of Scottish learning and young people service practitioners who participated in a study trip to Finland to understand the Finnish Education system, its schools, spaces and systems.

The views described in this Learning Note do not mean that Architecture and Design Scotland or Children in Scotland necessarily support them. They simply reflect what has been debated and what those involved at the event considered useful learning and lessons from their perspectives.

What is this learning note about?

This Learning Note explores the culture and ethos of the Finnish education system, the way learner and community needs are met, workforce issues, and the typical spaces and environments of schools that meet these needs.

Where did this learning note come from?

Children in Scotland organised a study trip to Finland in Spring 2017 to focus on sharing best practice in education and learning, understand schools and settings for learning from early years to lifelong communities, and wider policies and interventions that support children and young people in their everyday lives. Annex 1 sets out a summary schedule of the places, people and experiences delegates on the visit engaged with, with weblinks.

Briefing Notes produced by Children in Scotland

Children in Scotland _P&E Finland Handout

Children in Scotland_Finland Participation Theory Sheet

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