PSCF2020: Ben Twist and Jim MacDonald discussion

A series of interviews for the Public Sector Client Forum 2020 event.

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As part of the Public Sector Client Forum the event chair Ben Twist, Creative Carbon Scotland, and Jim MacDonald, Chief Executive of Architecture and Design Scotland, met digitally to discuss a range of aspects of designing for a changing climate. We have broken the interview into bite-size videos. Click on the links below:

The Place Principle

Jim MacDonald and Ben Twist on the Place Principle.

Place Planning for Decarbonisation: pilots and processes

Jim MacDonald and Ben Twist discuss Place Planning for Decarbonisation

The design process

Jim MacDonald and Ben Twist discuss the Design Process

The impact of travel

Jim MacDonald and Ben Twist Discuss the impact of travel


Jim MacDonald and Ben Twist on Co-Design

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PSCF2020: designing for a changing climate

The Public Sector Client Forum event took place on Tuesday 9 June. Chaired by Ben Twist, Director of Creative Carbon Scotland, this online event took a creative look at how we can use design and collaborative placemaking to shape places that are climate ready, healthier, happier and support low carbon lifestyles.

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PSCF2020: world cafe sessions

The speakers that would have delivered at the Public Sector Client Forum 2020 'Designing for a changing climate' world cafe sessions, have provided their presentations with voice overs. These have been converted to video to allow access from as many devices as possible.

Watch cafe sessions