PSCF2020: world cafe sessions

A series of short videos from the Public Sector Client Forum 2020 event: designing for a changing climate.

People sitting around a table during a LLTNP workshop in Strathard.

PSCF2020: Storytelling session by Dr Alette Willis

We will explore how stories connect people to places and inform their attitudes, values and behaviours.  Building on these insights, we will look at the role storytelling can play in shaping places and communities now and into the future. Techniques and best practices in story work will be shared.

Foresterhill Project presentation by Martin Faulkner, SNH

Foresterhill (aka Aberdeen Royal Infirmary) is Europe’s largest hospital campus. Outside the hospital building is dominated by vehicle circulation. The erz masterplan is a huge change and in the process of becoming reality. What have been the challenges that will make this all worthwhile for patients, staff and downstream in Aberdeen? 

A circular economy approach to designing for a changing climate presentation by Clive Bowman, Zero Waste Scotland

What is a circular economy and why should we consider it in the design of places?  We will help to draw out the benefits of taking a more ‘circular’ approach and how it connects to tackling the climate emergency and reducing carbon emissions and share learnings from our place-based circular economy projects.

The Woodside multi-storey flats presentation by Rupert Daly, Collective Architecture 

The Woodside Multi-storey flats project with Queens Cross Housing Association – explored the viability of retaining a series of three 1960’s tower blocks in Glasgow’s West End, and whether these might be refurbished to Passivhaus Standards. One of the key aims of the project was to mitigate fuel poverty for approx. 800 residents and transform the existing housing into a desirable and socially sustainable place to live. 

Deveron Projects presentation by Claudia Zeiske

Deveron Projects is an arts organisation based in Huntly, a market town in the north east of Scotland with a population of 4,500. We have worked here with the history, context and identity of the town since 1995. Working with the town is the venue methodology, we create projects that connect artists, communities and places. 

A Place in Childhood (APiC) by Dr Jenny Wood and Dr Jamie Hamilton

This session explores engaging the next generation in producing and advancing their own local climate action plans. It draws on APiC’s learnings from developing a Place Standard Tool for and with Scottish children, and a new programme (in development) to enable schoolchildren to develop climate action plans as a part of the Curriculum. 

The Cargo Bike Library by MJ Somerville, Sustrans

MJ Somerville, Sustrans Scotlands Cargo Bike Project Officer, introduces the Cargo Bikes, the Cargo Bike Library, Logistics Hubs and their part in the workings of successful low traffic neighbourhoods.  Championing the recently published Cargo Bike Hubs planning guide by City Changer Cargo Bike and some recent Scottish based case studies, MJ outlines the potential for cargo bikes to be an alternative to HGV and LGV vehicles on our urban streets.

Climate resilient communities by Dr Nadine Andrews, Scottish Government

Dr. Nadine Andrews is a social researcher in the Scottish Government. In her presentation she discusses ‘climate resilient communities’, describing what this means and discussing some of the evidence with a focus on aspects of the model relating to social capital and human health and wellbeing.

A pencil illustration birds-eye view of a rural community along a river, showing green fields, and a cluster of buildings.

PSCF2020: designing for a changing climate

The Public Sector Client Forum event took place on Tuesday 9 June 2020. Chaired by Ben Twist, Director of Creative Carbon Scotland, this online event took a creative look at how we can use design and collaborative placemaking to shape places that are climate ready, healthier, happier and support low carbon lifestyles.

Image credit: Richard Carman

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A man in a virtual meeting with a book opened next to the computer screen.

PSCF2020: Ben Twist and Jim MacDonald discussion

In advance of PSCF 2020 'Designing for a changing climate', event chair Ben Twist, Creative Carbon Scotland, spoke to Jim MacDonald, Chief Executive of A&DS, online to discuss the topics of the Public Sector Client Forum. The interview is broken into broad topics. 

Image credit: Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash

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