Planning performance framework report 2017-18

A report on how we supported the planning system in 2017-18. 

A view of two tall buildings reflected in the river Clyde with the sun rising behind the buildings

Planning performance framework report 2017-18

A&DS provides advice on the extent to which plans, policies and development proposals will support successful placemaking. As a key agency, we contribute to local development plans and other national and regional spatial plans. We currently contribute to the planning system as follows:

  • Strategic/Development Planning: Place Based Briefing, Simplified Planning Zones, Place Standard, Design Policy
  • Development Management: Pre-Application Design Advice; Local Design Panels,
  • Support/Capacity Building: Local Authority Urban Design Forum, Public Sector Client Forum, Making Places,  Key Agencies Group to support Policy.

A&DS is not a statutory consultee and does not determine planning applications or other development consents. Those who do so take account of our advice as they make decisions about development proposals on the basis of relevant plans and policies.

Planning Performance Report 2017-18

This report describes our performance in the planning system for the 2017-18 financial year. It follows a new collaboratively developed key agency-specific version of the Planning Performance Framework Template.

The report highlights that A&DS has provided a consistently high level of service, achieving an overall net promoter score of 92/100 measured through our regular stakeholder survey in 2018. The report outlines that design impacts are evident in 100% of projects seen through our health and housing design advice services. It also shows that feedback from our skills and capacity building networks remain consistently high, with 100% of participants to our Local Authority Urban Design Forum in 2017-18 anticipating positive impacts on their practice.