Reference guide: commissioning healthcare developments

A brief guide for stakeholders, project board and steering group members taking part in a healthcare building development. 

A photograph of a bright atrium space in a hospital where you can see people on several levels and walking stairs between the floors

Many people who contribute to a development project—for a new or substantially changed healthcare facility—will not have been clients for a building project before. It can feel like a bewildering process, with uncertainties about how best to engage in it.  

Effective engagement by stakeholders is crucial if the project is to benefit from their expertise. 

To successfully engage in this process, you don't need to be an expert on buildings or procurement and finance. However, you will need to understand the context of your role in the project and the factors you can influence, to make a difference in the success of the project. 

What you can expect to find in this healthcare design guide

  • the role of healthcare professionals in leading development projects 
  • the business case process 
  • how to develop the brief 
  • how to select the design and delivery team 
  • the design development process 
  • how to assess and approve the design 
  • glossary of terms relevant to a building project and helpful links for further information 

Reference guide: commissioning healthcare developments

Download this reference guide to help prepare for your healthcare development project.  

Header image credit: Andy McGregor

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