Climate Action Towns: year two review

Reviewing a year of action and ongoing collaboration across the nine towns

A colourful illustration of a wider region along a river, with wind turbines on the hill in the background and a small settlement in the foreground.

Reflections from year two of Climate Action Towns

Our work across nine towns in Scotland aims to support the delivery of relevant, place appropriate climate actions. We are doing this by working within each town to co-design the priorities of each place, identify opportunities, build capacity and support, and enable collaborations.

This summary report from year two of the project reviews a year of action and ongoing collaboration across the nine towns, whilst also continuing to develop an understanding of how different approaches in each place can enable climate action to happen.

This 3-year project is supported by the Scottish Government. 

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Climate Action Towns: Year Two Summary

Download or read our year two summary pamphlet to take away key findings and lessons learned from our second year of the Climate Action Towns project

Header Illustration credit: Richard Carman