The Happenstance: Cultural Connectors Forum programme

The handout for the Cultural Connectors Forum, which took place in Venice in November 2018.

A large group of people sit in deckchairs in an enclosed garden space at night time watching a film

The Happenstance was Scotland’s critically acclaimed contribution to the ‘free space’ theme at Venice’s International Architecture Exhibition in 2018, delivered through Scotland + Venice. It took place in Venice’s garden of Palazzo Zenobio and curated by Glasgow-based artist studio WAVEparticle.

The Cultural Connectors Forum formed part of The Happenstance. It took place in November 2018 in the Grand Hall in Palazzo Zenobio. It brought together influential thinkers and makers from a wide spectrum of disciplines and interests. You can learn more about the forum and read the full programme in this resource.

Resource: Cultural Connectors Forum programme

The Cultural Connectors Forum handout contains more information about the forum, the itinerary, and the presenters’ bios.

Header image credit: Graham Ross

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The Cultural Connectors Forum appears in the eighth issue of a series of 12 publications, or ‘dispatches’, exploring the themes and learning from The Happenstance.

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