Shaping Scotland’s learning spaces

Reflecting on award-winning projects from the Education Buildings Scotland Awards.

A photograph of a large sheet of paper with a man writing notes from a conference. The sheet is already covered in writing in multiple colours.

Shaping Scotland’s learning spaces

This short publication – from 2019 – provides reflections on award-winning projects from the Education Buildings Scotland Awards. It looks at how the projects support the ambitions of the Learning Estate Strategy published in September 2019. 

Innovative examples

The Education Buildings Scotland Awards provide celebrates some of the most exciting recent projects and the most innovative partners. Though the award-winning projects were all conceived before the Learning Estate Strategy was published and so predate it, many of them embody some of its principles. They provide glimpses of what’s possible – whether on the small scale of a room refurbishment or the large scale of a new-build school.

Connecting people and places

A cornerstone of the strategy is to connect people, place and learning across all ages and stages of life. The conference explored the evidence, benefits and spatial possibilities of doing so. Through greater collaboration, it aims to help create new integrated learning environments to improve the education and life chances of children and young people, as well as their communities.

We work with the Scottish Government and Scottish Futures Trust to support local authorities in implementing the Learning Estate Strategy. 

Our work with the learning estate

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