Place Standard videos from Making Place Conference 2019

Interviews of the attendees at the Making Place Conference.

Four people sat on a stage and presenting at the International Making Place Conference.

Since its creation, the Place Standard tool has been adopted across Europe from Denmark and the Netherlands to North Macedonia and Turkey.

The following eight videos compare the experiences of groups using Place Standard Tool in Scotland and European Cities.

This series of interviews were recorded and exhibited at the inaugural Making Place 2019 conference in June 2019 – arising from the World Health Organisation European Healthy Cities programme.

Each video is a two-minute introduction to how the Place Standard tool was applied in a local community, discussing the impact of using the tool and lesson learned from the experience.

The four themes of the Making Place 2019 conference

The four themes of the Making Place 2019 conference linked key aspects of place-based approaches addressed by Place Standard and demonstrated in these examples, these included:

Physical environment 

Demonstrating how place-based approaches and/or tools link diverse physical environments and the wider geographical boundaries of communities.  Showing how those differences and variations are managed to ensure the priorities of the community are identified, prioritised and acted on.

Social environment 

Highlighting empowerment opportunities for communities when using a place-based approach and/or tools to develop resilience, build capacity and engagement across different neighbourhoods, cultures, life stages and populations where services have previously failed to engage successfully.

Language and culture  

Demonstrating how place-based approaches enable communities and professionals to develop a shared vision and purpose via the dialogue and structure offered when utilising structured place making processes and tools such as the Place Standard.

Design environment 

Highlighting how place-based approaches and/or tools enable, at the design stage of a project, greater participation with consideration for the impact on the wider environment and those communities affected by the design.

Sharing experiences of the Place Standard tool

Watch the videos below to find out what people had to say about their experiences of using a place-based approach for their projects. Click on the link below to navigate to the selected video.

Jude Barber – Director and Architect Collective Architecture

Jude Barber Making Place interview

Julie Robertson – Planning Officer, Dundee City Council

Julie Robertson Making Place interview

Iain McDiarmid and Neil Grant – Shetland Islands Council

Iain McDiarmid and Neil Grant Making Place interview

Diane Strachan – Kincardine and Mearns Area Project Officer, Aberdeenshire Council

Diane Strachan Making Place interview

Samantha Somers – Community Planning Officer, Argyll and Bute Council

Samantha Somers Making Place interview

Jūratė Jackytė – WHO Healthy City Project Coordinator for Kaunas, Lithuania

Jūratė Jackytė Making Place interview

Dragan Gjorgjev – Coordinators of the Place Standard project in North Macedonia

Dragan Gjorgjev Making Place Interview

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gül Sayan Atanur – Member of the Advisory Committee of Turkish Healthy Cities Association

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gül Sayan Atanur Making Place interview

Header image credit: Jason Kimmings

An easy-to-use tool to evaluate a place

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