Corporate Plan 2021-24

Our Corporate Plan 2021-24 sets out how we will deliver the first stage of our Corporate Strategy 2021-31.

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Resource: Corporate Plan 2021-24

Read how we will deliver the first stage of our corporate strategy, our timeline and outcomes to 2024, and work plan.

What does the plan address?

  • How we'll deliver the first stage (2021-24) of our Corporate Strategy 2021-31
  • Our timeline and outcomes to 2024
  • Our work plan

What is the context?

Scotland’s places need to be at the heart of tackling the climate emergency, reducing inequality, improving wellbeing, and ultimately creating a thriving country.

This means neighbourhoods where everyone has access to safe, warm and affordable homes, quality greenspaces on their doorstep, and local work and training opportunities.

It means places that promote health and wellbeing, that are zero-carbon and climate-resilient, and that support local, inclusive economies where people are well connected.

How does this relate to the Place Principle?

We know from experience that a place is better when the people who live there work together to shape it, and the agencies delivering the places coordinate their efforts. This is what we mean by the ‘Place Principle’ – or a whole-place collaborative approach.

The Place Principle, adopted by the Scottish Government in 2019, asks agencies in a place to collaborate to create a shared vision for its future, and work together to deliver these places.

How does the plan relate to the strategy?

The plan is framed by our Corporate Strategy 2021-31, which outlines how we will embed the Place Principle across Scotland by 2031.

The strategy's core aim is to see the benefits of the Place Principle become an everyday reality in the way Scotland’s places are created, adapted and sustained. 

Within the strategy, we set out three stages – what we've called “horizons” – to illustrate how we will achieve this aim.

This plan focuses on the first horizon (2021-24): building a common understanding of a whole-place collaborative approach by sharing evidence of the benefits.

The plan’s outcomes to 2024

This plan aims to build evidence and understanding of the benefits of a whole-place approach. This will rely on achieving eight outcomes by 2024 including:

  • We are widely known as Scotland’s leading authority on applying the Place Principle to the built environment.
  • Our partners and stakeholders across Scotland share a common understanding of what a whole-place collaborative approach is.
  • In each of Scotland’s 32 local authority areas, real change on the ground – for the benefit of local communities – has begun, following our support of whole-place collaborative projects.

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Read our strategy

To learn how we are focusing on embedding the Place Principle across Scotland, read our Corporate Strategy 2021-31.

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