Why take a place-based approach to housing?

A short video introducing our skills document supporting a place-based approach to housing.

A drawing of the Place Principle method with words 'shared ambitions..align efforts'

Poor quality places are not just bad for the people living there. Over time they can lead to significant costs for the public sector, while failing to tackle the big issues like climate change and inequalities. We know there are many challenges for those who plan, design, and deliver our places, which include:

  • tackling climate change
  • achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2045
  • addressing inequalities in health and wellbeing
  • supporting inclusive economic growth
  • supporting the needs of an ageing population
  • accommodating digital transformation
  • public health

So, what can be done to reduce costs and get more and better-designed places? Watch the short animation below to find out more.

Why take a place-based approach to housing?

A short animation introducing place-based approach to housing

Getting the best benefits out of a project

At Architecture and Design Scotland, we believe the answer lies in taking a place-based approach as set out in the Place Principle. This looks across buildings, infrastructure and services to get the best benefits for a place across its lifetime.

To succeed, everyone involved in a place needs to work together to agree shared ambitions and align efforts so that investments work harder.

What is a place-based approach to housing?

So, what does a place-based approach look like when we think about housing? Every place is unique, but it would commonly involve considering the following:

  • What makes a good neighbourhood?
  • Working together to find the best locations
  • Collective visions and briefs embedded in local plans and housing strategies
  • Using planning, design and delivery phases to achieve quality outcomes

So, why take this approach? Many places are already working in this way. It is paying off with homes and neighbourhoods that support people’s wellbeing and help to tackle the bigger issues.

Helping planning authorities take a place-based collaborative approach to Local Development Plan preparations

We have redeveloped our place skills for housing resource to support planning teams take a place-based approach to preparations for new style Local Development Plans. In this module we share resources to support a place-based approach to the evidence gathering phase of Local Development Plan preparations. Each snapshot will guide you through basic placemaking principles, practical steps, templates and case studies to help apply the learning. 

See module

If you need access to our previous module, place skills for housing: locating for place quality, please contact us for the PDF.