Inspiring Learning Spaces Toolkit

Explore how to get the best from your learning environments with a clear process and exercises designed to help you manage change effectively.

A wooden tree with seating underneath in the middle of a circulation area in a school with pupils walking through the space

A toolkit to help you get the best from your learning environments 

This toolkit has been developed to help schools, teachers and local authorities get the best from their learning environments. 

It draws on lessons from the Inspiring Learning Space projects and from school projects wider afield. 

You could be thinking about how you use your existing spaces, have a small amount of money to spend on remodelling spaces, or are involved in a large capital project. 

The toolkit sets out a clear process with practical questions and exercises designed to help you manage change effectively. 

Resource: Inspiring Learning Spaces Toolkit

Download this toolkit to get the best from your learning environments. 

A wooden structure inside a school where primary school pupils sit on the floor as part of a lesson.

The toolkit’s ideas can be used in the current school environment to:

  • support the delivery of the School Improvement Plan

  • review annual budget allocations

  • inform staff of continuing professional development (CPD) planning

  • inform the briefing process for capital investment

What this document covers

  • The toolkit, which is broken into five steps: each section offers advice and prompts and includes examples from the Inspiring Learning Spaces projects 
  • The toolkit’s key messages, which you can use as quick reminder 
  • A big picture section that explores how improving learning spaces can link to wider priorities for learning and community 
  • Further reading and resources 

We are using the toolkit as part of our Tests of Change service, which is available to local authorities and schools in Scotland at no cost.

We have collaborated with Scottish Futures Trust, supported by The Learning Crowd, to create this practical toolkit to make more of the spaces we have for learning. This builds on the stories of the Inspiring Learning Space projects.

Image credits: Martin Shields

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