Scotland + Venice: The Happenstance – Voice to Choice Part 1 (Venice)

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26-05-2018 - 26-05-2018 10:30 - 13:00 Palazzo Zenobio, Collegio Armeno Moorat Raphael, Dorsoduro 2596, Venezia 30123, ItalyView on map

As part of The Happenstance this event is the first in a series of collaborations between Denmark and Scotland as part of the International Architecture Exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia.
The Happenstance and the Danish Pavilion Possible Spaces – Sustainable Development through Collaborative Innovations.

Voice to Choice Part 1

Panel Discussions and Presentations

The event will begin with introductions to Scotland + Venice 2018 / The Happenstance and the Danish Pavilion Possible Spaces – Sustainable Development through Collaborative Innovations. Although each project has very different responses to the Biennale theme of Freespace both look at teaching material and collaboration. A panel will discuss why target children, why it’s important to change the way we collaborate to build and make solutions for a sustainable future, and why it’s important to reach the future generation as well as adult and professionals. This will be followed by presentations from architects from each country who will present what is current in learning environments and touch on the current thinking and approach to designing for young people, teaching staff and communities.

Panel Discussion

Chaired by Ian Gilzean, Chief Architect, Scottish Government

Danish Panel

Sofie Stilling: Assistant curator: Vision of and exhibition in the Danish Pavillon

Elizabeth Gray: School teacher and innovation consultant.

Scottish Panel

Peter McCaughey, WAVEparticle, Lead Curator, The Happenstance

Paul Stallan, Stallan Brand


Chaired by Sofie Stillig

Danish  Presentations

Mads Mandruo, CF Møller:

Thomas Nørgaard,, Christensen og Co Arkitekter

Scottish Presentations

Keri Monaghan, Stallan Brand

Ian Alexander, JM Architects

Scotland + Venice: The Happenstance

A Living Library of Ideas. A Workshop of Tools. A City of Propositions. Scotland's contribution to Biennale Architettura 2018, Venice.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 6

Play: Brian Hartley. Play as a spontaneous and creative process, and how it opens vital conversations and actions.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 11

The Happenstance: a Lively Scottish-Venetian freespace: Phineas Harper. The engagement of the Venetians to the “open to all” of The Happenstance.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 10

A Conversation, a Workshop and Afterwards: Elizabeth Murphy and Emily Speed. Teams are able to make something much bigger, layered and profound.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 9

Participatory Practice: Ian Gilzean. How participation and community empowerment inspires people to realise their creativity and sense of ownership.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 7

Tools of the Trade: Peter McCaughey. A focus on five principal tools, of the many tools and tactics used.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 5

Venice / Local Context: Alberto Lago. How the memory of The Happenstance is still alive today in the minds of the Venetian people.

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