The Happenstance: Cultural Connectors Forum

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23-11-2018 - 23-11-2018 10.00 - 22.00 Collegio Armeno, Moorat Raphael, Dorsoduro 2596, Venezia 30123View on map

During the last week of The Happenstance in Venice, the Cultural Connectors Forum will bring together influential thinkers and makers from a wide spectrum of disciplines and interests; science, art, theatre, architecture, anthropology, health and well-being, education, environmental studies, film-making, journalism, entrepreneurship and activism.

The forum is built from inspiring people we’ve met in Venice, and from across Scotland, people who all think about the role of building, bridging and reconnecting relationships within, and beyond, their specialist fields.

This emphasis, on inbetweening, has been one of the most valuable aspects of The Happenstance. Through offering a freespace for people to gather and exchange, we have been delighted to watch new networks emerging, new possibilities taking shape. In the context of an Architectural Biennale, this inbetweening has been described by The Happenstance Curator, Peter McCaughey, as ‘Architecture Plus’, where the emphasis is on the ‘Plus’.

Presenters: Samuel Sarkis Baghdassarian, Roderick Buchanan, Giovanni Cecconi, Heather Claridge, Confluenze (Paloma Leyton, Anja Dimitrijevic, Laura Santini), Corrado Claut, Nicoló Cristante, Andrea Curtoni, Nicola Delon, Jacqueline Donachie, Chiara Gaspardo, Irmi Hitthaler, Basharat Khan, Alberto Lago, Domenico Lanzilotta, Antonella Maione, Giovanni Andrea Martini, Jane Da Mosto, Lola Paprocki, Ben Parry, Silvio Pasqualini, Lucia Pedrana, Karen Phillips, Margaret Rose, Paolo Rosso & Alice Ongaro Sartori, Emma Soletti and Harald Turek.



The Happenstance: Dispatch 6

Play: Brian Hartley. Play as a spontaneous and creative process, and how it opens vital conversations and actions.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 11

The Happenstance: a Lively Scottish-Venetian freespace: Phineas Harper. The engagement of the Venetians to the “open to all” of The Happenstance.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 10

A Conversation, a Workshop and Afterwards: Elizabeth Murphy and Emily Speed. Teams are able to make something much bigger, layered and profound.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 9

Participatory Practice: Ian Gilzean. How participation and community empowerment inspires people to realise their creativity and sense of ownership.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 7

Tools of the Trade: Peter McCaughey. A focus on five principal tools, of the many tools and tactics used.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 5

Venice / Local Context: Alberto Lago. How the memory of The Happenstance is still alive today in the minds of the Venetian people.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 4

My Experience as a Fellow at The Happenstance: Theo Shack. Immersive education, and the possibilities that might not otherwise happen.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 12

The Ongoing Legacy: Morag Bain and Peter McCaughey. It continues through events, tools shared, the friendships and connections being made.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 8

One A to Z of Making Connections: Peter McCaughey. Exploring the variety of ways connections were made between individuals and organisations.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 3

Into the Mouth of the Wolf: Peter McCaughey. A day in the life of The Happenstance and the chance encounters and the coincidences in the garden.

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