The Happenstance: Dispatch 1

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Scotland + Venice: Dispatch 1 of 12

Introduction: Morag Bain

The Happenstance was a three-phased project that took place in Scotland, Venice and Scotland. This is the first in a series of twelve publications or ‘dispatches’, exploring the themes of, and learning from the project.

Dispatch one begins with the back story of Scotland + Venice since 2004. It then introduces the work of the artists and architects before summarising the three phases:

Phase 1 The Happenstance with young people in Scotland

Phase 2 The Happenstance in Venice

Phase 3 The Happenstance return to Scotland

Through the twelve dispatches the story unfolds… the reasons, inspirations, people, places, connections, legacy…

The Happenstance / Scotland + Venice: Scotland’s critically acclaimed contribution to the 16th International Architecture exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia 2018. Curated by WAVEparticle.


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The image shows Peter McCaughey, Curator and Lead Artist from WAVEparticle up a ladder with a brush cleaning the vast screening wall in the garden at Palazzo Zenobio. The words read The Happenstance: Scotland’s Collateral Event at the Biennale Architettura 2018

Posted 16 September 2020

The Happenstance: Dispatch 2

Venice Reflective: Lee Ivett. A successful public space is one that suggests possibility and opportunity rather than dictates and instructs behaviour.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 3

Into the Mouth of the Wolf: Peter McCaughey. A day in the life of The Happenstance and the chance encounters and the coincidences in the garden.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 4

My Experience as a Fellow at The Happenstance: Theo Shack. Immersive education, and the possibilities that might not otherwise happen.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 5

Venice / Local Context: Alberto Lago. How the memory of The Happenstance is still alive today in the minds of the Venetian people.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 6

Play: Brian Hartley. Play as a spontaneous and creative process, and how it opens vital conversations and actions.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 7

Tools of the Trade: Peter McCaughey. A focus on five principal tools, of the many tools and tactics used.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 8

One A to Z of Making Connections: Peter McCaughey. Exploring the variety of ways connections were made between individuals and organisations.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 9

Participatory Practice: Ian Gilzean. How participation and community empowerment inspires people to realise their creativity and sense of ownership.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 10

A Conversation, a Workshop and Afterwards: Elizabeth Murphy and Emily Speed. Teams are able to make something much bigger, layered and profound.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 11

The Happenstance: a Lively Scottish-Venetian freespace: Phineas Harper. The engagement of the Venetians to the “open to all” of The Happenstance.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 12

The Ongoing Legacy: Morag Bain and Peter McCaughey. It continues through events, tools shared, the friendships and connections being made.

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