The Happenstance: Film Screenings Glasgow

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15-06-2018 - 15-06-2018 18:00 - 20:00 Laurieston Arches, Cleland Lane Arches, Gorbals, Glasgow, G5 9DSView on map

The Happenstance brings together artists and architects to work with young people nationwide to discover what Freespace means to them and their communities

For the Architecture Fringe a section of the core structure designed by Baxendale for the space in Venice will be presented and activated with a night of film screenings that showcase the work of The Happenstance team in Scotland and in Venice.


To engage with the Biennale Architettura 2018, Venice, and to celebrate Scotland’s Year of Young People (YOYP), The Happenstance, is an exploration of how young people in Scotland respond to the Biennale theme of Freespace. Using play as an active agent within the process of rethinking and reclaiming Freespace within the built environment, in Venice this was presented as a Living Library of Ideas, focussing on the event nature of live situations – exploring how we can intervene in our own lives and the circumstances that shape us.

The Happenstance is created by: WAVEparticle and Architecture & Design Scotland, Brian Hartley, Ruby Pester & Nadia Rossi, Tassy Thompson, Emily Speed, Francis Thorburn, Daniele Sambo, Hannah Brackston, architects Fergus Purdie (Fergus Purdie Architetcs), Lee Ivett & Ambrose Gillick (Baxendale), Graham Ross (Austin-Smith:Lord), Paul Stallan and Keri Monaghan (Stallan-Brand), designers Alberto Lago and Neil McGuire, and film-maker Basharat Khan

Film Screenings
FRI 15 June 2018

Laurieston Arches
Cleland Lane Arches
Glasgow G5 9DS



The Happenstance: Dispatch 6

Play: Brian Hartley. Play as a spontaneous and creative process, and how it opens vital conversations and actions.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 11

The Happenstance: a Lively Scottish-Venetian freespace: Phineas Harper. The engagement of the Venetians to the “open to all” of The Happenstance.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 10

A Conversation, a Workshop and Afterwards: Elizabeth Murphy and Emily Speed. Teams are able to make something much bigger, layered and profound.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 9

Participatory Practice: Ian Gilzean. How participation and community empowerment inspires people to realise their creativity and sense of ownership.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 7

Tools of the Trade: Peter McCaughey. A focus on five principal tools, of the many tools and tactics used.

The Happenstance: Dispatch 5

Venice / Local Context: Alberto Lago. How the memory of The Happenstance is still alive today in the minds of the Venetian people.

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