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The Public Sector Client Forum facilitates discussion across the public sector. It encourages members to share experiences and good practice across sectors.

The Public Sector Client Forum aims to:

  • Raise awareness of how design can add value
  • The importance of client leadership to deliver quality design
  • Gather knowledge and experience in one place
  • Support capacity building in this influential group
  • Establish new contacts and networks.

Who is it for?

The forum is open to the public sector. Previous participants have come from bodies such as:  Local Authority Development & Strategy, University Estates Development, NHS, Scottish Canals and Scottish Government. To provide expertise on particular themes we invite other groups to attend.

How we can help

Events normally take place in Edinburgh or Glasgow. They are facilitated by Architecture and Design Scotland. To encourage networking and informal discussion the meetings take place over lunch. Sessions usually include a mixture of guest presentations, discussions and workshops on a particular topic.  A&DS then shares the key learning points in a newsletter.


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If you are involved in building or estate projects please join the Public Sector Client Forum.
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Steve Malone

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