SERVICE: Tests of Change – repurposing learning spaces

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Tests of Change is a process that facilitates gradual improvement in the learning estate. It aims to develop a culture of testing to inform investment and approaches to spatial use. It is a process centred on the user/learner which uses place-based analysis, and improvements based on evidence. It aims to enhance teaching and learning environments.

Who is it for?

Our Tests of Change service is available to education authorities and schools in Scotland at no cost.

How we can help

The process engages with learners and teachers to produce a strategic overview of spatial issues and opportunities. We use the following methods:

  • Outcome Planning: Consulting with school leaders and teachers to establish the scope of practice change and identify issues and opportunities
  • Testing Solutions: Workshop participation (‘space hacks’) that involve learners and teachers to trial temporary spatial solutions
  • Evaluating their impact: Highlighting observations and findings from the space hack to help inform investment opportunities

Get in touch

If you would like further information or have a particular project you would like to discuss please contact;

David Fletcher

What You Said

“A very direct way of engaging with the users at a realistic scale”
Dr Edward Edgerton, University of the West of Scotland


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(updated October 2019)

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