SERVICE: Design Advice for Schools

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A&DS offers design support to education authorities. The service assists in briefing and option stages of school investment and design. We offer an external view, peer support, facilitation, learning networks and resources to facilitate change.

Who is it for?

Our support for schools is available to education authorities and schools in Scotland at no cost.

How we can help

The service is focused on client support, offering a personalised and tailored approach.
It works at three points in the project development cycle:

  • Project initiation. We engage with users and stakeholders to map a full spectrum of need.  We capture this in a series of reports, which can then be developed into a design statement. The design statement sets out needs, objectives and the qualitative criteria, helping to form part of the strategic brief for the project
  • Pre-design team appointment. This part of the process reviews the emerging design brief against the needs and criteria established in the design statement.
  • Post-design team appointment. We support a peer review of the emerging design ideas. We draw on our internal expertise and assess the proposal against the design statement. The output is a Design Assessment which evaluates the effectiveness of the proposals.

Get in touch

If you would like further information or have a particular project you would like to discuss please contact;

Danny Hunter

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