Renfrew Development Trust – Stalled Spaces Scotland case study

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Download: Stalled Spaces Scotland – Renfrew Development Trust – Renfrewshire

Renfrew Development Trust was awarded Stalled Spaces Scotland funding by Renfrewshire Council to deliver a multi-generational engagement project, working with local students and older residents to produce a public exhibition on the history of the town to be displayed on the side of an unused building.

Stalled Spaces Scotland

Stalled Spaces Scotland aims to encourage and support communities to bring stalled spaces or derelict and vacant land back into temporary use.

SERVICE: Town Centre Living Advice

A&DS is developing a design advice service on town centre living, initially looking at town centres as Caring Places for older people.

OUR WORK: Empowering Communities

A&DS supports communities, providing advice and support and we promote the benefits of community engagement and share examples of good work.

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