Remodelling Home Exhibition

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The Remodelling Home exhibition presents the creative processes and outcomes of the Remodelling Home project, which took place at Scotland’s Housing Expo in 2010 and was subsequently exhibited at The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture in March 2011.

Remodelling Home from on Vimeo.

The key objective of Scotland’s Housing Expo was to showcase innovative, sustainable housing and placemaking to a wide audience, in order to help change attitudes towards house and place design. The Expo attracted over 33,000 visitors from across Scotland and the rest of the world. The Expo event challenged professional visitors and the wider public to re-evaluate their perceptions of housing and community.


Remodelling Home gave visitors of all ages to the Expo an opportunity to design their own house in plasticine for fun and serious debate. By playfully creating new designs, Remodelling Home raised awareness of our built environment, encouraging those who live and work in Scotland and beyond, to not merely take a closer look at the houses and spaces around them, but to be active in their rethinking and redesigning. The creative outputs selected from over 3000 project participants are placed into a historical and cultural context through an accompanying plasticine exhibition of Scotland’s housing heritage.


The project was created for the Expo by Claystation, in collaboration with Sust., Architecture + Design Scotland’s Sustainability in Architecture Programme.

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