PSCF2020: Storytelling Session – Dr Alette Willis

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We will explore how stories connect people to places and inform their attitudes, values and behaviours.  Building on these insights, we will look at the role storytelling can play in shaping places and communities now and into the future.  Techniques and best practices in story work will be shared. 

Dr Alette Willis is a collector and teller of tales, an author and a researcher with a central interest in understanding the power of stories to shape our world. She is Secretary to the Scottish Storytelling Forum, spent years as a Talking Tree at the Royal Botanic Garden Scotland, was Storyteller in Residence to the Royal Zoological Society Scotland and worked with Scottish Book Trust to evaluate their John Muir Graphic Novel Project. She holds a PhD in Cultural Geography with a focus on the use of narratives in connecting people to places and to the more-than-human world around them.  She recently published Dancing with Trees: Eco-tales of the British Isles (History Press, 2017). 

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