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With help by local residents, this restoration of a natural playspace encouraged local people to make more use of their local area. This case study was originally written in  2017 to document the community engagement work and funding from Stalled Spaces Scotland.


Stalled Spaces Scotland funded a restoration of a natural playspace on the West Highland Way, led by Milngavie Community Council. Designed by local residents and commissioned by East Dunbartonshire Council, the project encouraged local people to use a once overgrown space through good practice in community engagement.

A once overgrown area now a playspace on the West Highland Way
Close-up Milngavie Community Council Stalled Space Natural Playspace

Dating from the 1970s, the space is at the back of Milngavie Library and Community Education Centre. The community council followed other projects online, as well as looking at projects created in Glasgow, to see what might be supported.


The Treasurer of Milngavie Community Council made the funding application.  Later, they received support from the resource generation officer at East Dunbartonshire Council. They made site visits, and spent time advising on the paperwork required for the funding application. They received an award of £3,000. More information is available in the full report.


‘It’s next to a very well-used path, and one of the older gentlemen was saying it would be good to have a seat here. It’s great to get the feedback just from someone walking by’

Marianne Prentice, Milngavie Community Council.

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