Architecture and Design Scotland Corporate Strategy 2021-31

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Download: A&DS Corporate Strategy 2021-31

Architecture and Design Scotland has set out its plans for the coming decade in its new Corporate Strategy for 2021-31. Download to find out how A&DS plans to work with to see the Place Principle become an everyday reality in the way Scotland’s places are created, adapted and sustained.  


Design can help realise the country’s ambitions, captured in initiatives such as Housing to 204020 Minute NeighbourhoodsCommunity Wealth BuildingTown Centre Regeneration and Community-Led Regeneration. In this context the design of our places is central to realising the National Outcomes in the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework. 


A core aim of our strategy is to create the conditions that will ensure the Place Principle becomes the ‘new normal’ when planning future investment in our public services and assets. 

We also know from experience that a place is better when the people who live there work together to shape it. The Place Principle, adopted by the Scottish Government in 2019, asks agencies in a place to collaborate with the people who live there to create a shared vision for its future.


Our role will be to provide leadership on the spatial aspects of the Place Principle to stimulate a step-change in how Scotland’s places are planned, designed, delivered and sustained. We will work with our partners to demonstrate what a joined-up approach looks like and the benefits it brings. We will use our experience and professional skills to inspire and support all those involved in creating, adapting and sustaining Scotland’s places.

Ultimately, our strategy is to use our remit and expertise to tackle the big challenges we all face. Above all, A&DS is about bringing people together to create better places for everyone. 

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A&DS Corporate Plan 2021-24

This is our Corporate Plan for 2021-24, outlining how we aim to work to deliver our Corporate Strategy.

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