20 Inspiring Learning Spaces

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We recently published the Inspiring Learning Spaces publication. 
Many of those who took part in ILS are keen to share their ideas more widely. A new leaflet – available to download from this page – summarises learning from 20 individual projects.

What are Inspiring Learning Spaces?

In August 2014, the Scottish Government made £5 million available to encourage local authorities to imagine teaching and learning spaces differently. Inspiring Learning Spaces (ILS), administered by the Scottish Futures Trust, did not set down a list of criteria. Applicants were encouraged to think creatively, to find low-cost interventions which made high impacts.

In collaboration with SFT, Architecture & Design Scotland captured learning on the early impacts and benefits of ILS projects based on interviews with 20 project leads. The projects were very different in size and scale, ambition and intended educational outcomes. From those projects able to report early results, there were both expected and unexpected benefits. In some cases, the ILS proved transformative for pupils, teachers, and the wider school community.

Flexible learning spaces

The majority of the projects fell into three broad categories: flexible learning spaces in which to explore new learning styles; vocational training facilities; and digital and virtual classrooms which expand the use of technology in learning.

Reflecting on the early impacts of ILS and drawing on experience and research, a group of educationalists helped identify nine themes to support others interested in making changes:

  • Leading change
  • Test learning approaches
  • Collect evidence
  • Support teachers
  • Listen to pupils
  • Encourage problem-solving
  • Nurture parity of esteem
  • Use technology
  • Where to begin

More on the themes and the early impacts and benefits can be found in the associated Inspiring Learning Spaces publication. 
Many of those who took part in ILS are keen to share their ideas more widely.

This leaflet summarises learning from the individual projects.

(Headline image: Martin Shields)

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