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Working with key agencies such as Transport Scotland, SEPA, SNH, Scottish Water and Historic Scotland; A&DS has been considering how spatial form can assist in delivering sustainable economic growth. A measure of success for a reformed planning system will be in creating places where people want to be, and the discussion examined concepts, structures and qualities of place that are adaptable over time.

The agencies recognised the need to give clear guidance early in the planning process. The importance of the new generation of visionary development plans that give clear guidance about what goes where and why was also acknowledged. The linkage of development planning to Single Outcome Agreements and Strategic Asset Management, and a need for skills training all featured as part of the discussion.

A&DS Head of Urbanism Diarmaid Lawlor said after the meeting that “We have warmly welcomed the opportunity to work directly with key agencies to provide place-makers and policy-makers with the tools that they require for creating places of quality.

Place is economy. It is the place that gives value to people’s lives. It supports the schools, the businesses, the shops and amenities that people need to live, work and relax. At A&DS we have made it clear that, in this context, there needs to be a shift away from just delivering numbers to delivering better places. The Scottish Government has emphasised that the creation of better places is a key performance criterion of reform of the planning system. By supporting and working with others other agencies we will play our part in delivering those places.


Place and leadership

The cross-party group of the Scottish Parliament on Architecture and the Built Environment were presented with the findings of...

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