Town Centre Living: A Caring Place

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Town Centre Living:  We are inviting a conversation on a Caring Place through our social media channels and on this website. What does a caring place look like? How we can use design to help create a caring place? What value does design bring? As part of this conversation we will be inviting designers, care profession and those cared for (through the organisations that represent them)  to share their thoughts.

A&DS is developing a design advice service specifically around public housing and town centre living. The service aims to help improve the quality of proposals commissioned by public sector clients and support the delivery of the Scottish Government Housing and Town Centre agendas and the ‘Town Centre First Principle’. The service has two strands:

  • supporting collaborative workshops to enhance and extend opportunities for town centre living.
  • creating and sharing resources on what is possible around town centre housing and enabling projects.


Using Placemaking to Tackle Ageing Population Challenge

Initially we are focusing on the town centre as a Caring Place exploring opportunities for bringing together care and placemaking to tackle the challenges of the ageing population through:

  • supporting increased provision of a range of quality housing suitable for older people’s needs in town centre locations;
  • supporting delivery of services and environments that accommodate older people’s health and social care needs;
  • improving the quality of proposals commissioned by public sector clients.

You can read more about our thinking about Ageing and Caring Places here.

Partners and Peers

A&DS is engaging with partners that can help us develop and peer review this work particularly around the models of care, and the care narrative, to help build up a greater understanding of the dimensions that caring places might include, for example:

  • community making and support;
  • models of living (co-housing, independent housing with local walking and services etc.);
  • jobs and entrepreneurship;
  • and models of care (this might include adaptability of a building ‘unit’ and ‘urban block’ to changing need, digital, peer-based support, self directed care shifting the balance of care, etc.

This could also include concentrating support in the town centre, or building a distributed model so people living in their own house in their neighbourhood benefit from better care, (digital care, community interaction, better bus connections, better place management, etc.)

In March 2018 A&DS held an Advisory Group workshop to help explore issues relating to care and place in town centres. The session brought together different disciplines exploring policy, practice and place communities, offering opportunities for sharing and capturing knowledge and potential for developing pilots. More information and updates about our work on Town Centre Living and a Caring Place will be posted on our website and on our social media channels. Make sure you sign up to our mailing list today to find out more.

(updated June 2018)

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