Learner Journey Case Study

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Scotland wants to create a joined-up learning journey for everyone – from age 0 to 80! This is at the heart of the Scottish Government’s strategy for the learning estate. This means thinking differently about the places we learn in. There needs to be equity, with spaces that support excellence.

We need to:

  • Make more of the space we already have
  • Empower pupils and teachers to shape future spaces
  • Explore new ways of doing things

Architecture and Design Scotland works with schools across the country. Our focus is to help explore and test ideas for new and existing spaces. The process gives the learner a sense of ownership and makes the most of the spaces we already have. In 2019 we curated an exhibition about our Tests of Change work. It showcases the learner journey from four schools. It features the Tests of Change process which uses high impact/low-cost, sustainable interventions any school can use to improve their learning and teaching environments. The Tests of Change process builds on the ‘Inspiring Learning Spaces’ initiative delivered by the Scottish Futures Trust and funded by the Scottish Government.

This document includes four case studies from schools we have worked with.


Smarter Places

Learn more about our work across the learning estate and our collaboration with local authorities to regenerate spaces for learning, by design.

Schools Estate – Examples (2016)

A document containing examples of how schools teams across Scotland are responding to the curriculum for excellence in the learning estate,

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