Temporary Spaces for Learning

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Download: Temporary Spaces for Learning – Emma Creighton Learning Note

Architecture + Design Scotland have commissioned education and design experts to create a short learning note for our web series; “Better briefing for education benefit” to support and expand on the learning points captured from the world café session at the Scottish government schools estate conference, November 2013

Each piece responds to a particular Issue raised from the world café session, capturing knowledge, opinion and experiences and highlighting how these lessons can be transferable for future scenarios.

The sixth publication of the series, describes the ongoing research by the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) Dublin, Ireland, who are actively exploring the potential of working outside the complexity of the formal school setting as a way of developing educational practice in line with current educational reform.

Do our current school buildings support and enable the shift towards students taking ownership over their own learning, academically and personally, to become self-directed learners and to work with and learn from their peers?

Do these schools enable educators to experiment with their practice, to adopt new approaches, and to support skill and competence development among students?

Evidencing Better Briefing

This publication looks at how the shift towards “Education led” focus for building new schools has led to a greater focus on the Briefing process.

Transforming Spaces to Inspire

This is a short “Talking Head” piece, discussing the refurbishment project at Blackfriars Primary in Glasgow.

Visualising Change

This publication looks at the idea of shared spaces to facilitate ambition and attainment by learners.

Whole Place & Integrated Learning

This publication looks into the current physical environments of our school estate and questions if they really support producing resilient learners.

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