Studies in Shared Learning Spaces – Case studies

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Through our work we look at school buildings of different sizes and scales, ranging from remote schools in rural locations to community campus buildings that cater for learners of all ages.

We support schools and local authorities explore different settings for learning which respond and adapt to new ways of teaching and learning, embracing the experiences that will equip young people to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

As part of our work we encourage participation to identify the learning needs and aspirations. We help teachers and learners reimagine their environments as inspiring learning places.

Tests of Change is a process that helps gradual improvement in the learning estate. It aims to develop a culture of testing to inform investment and approaches to using spaces. The process places learners and teachers at the centre of decision making. Proposed changes are informed by place-based analysis and evidence to enhance learning and teaching environments.

The process involves the following key stages:

Outcome Planning  Consulting with school leaders and teachers to establish the scope of practice change and identify issues and opportunities

Testing Solutions Workshop participation (‘space hacks’) that involve learners and teachers to trial temporary spatial solutions

Evaluating their impact Highlighting observations and findings from the space hack to help inform investment opportunities

The attached document will be of use to those who are looking to explore changing their learning spaces. It supports teachers and pupils to work together and using design-principles tools can lead to enhancing the quality of learning in our schools. This document introduces the principles, as well as a range of case studies where schools have worked together to transform their spaces.


Published 18 November 2021 

Learner Journey Case Study

Architecture and Design Scotland works with schools across the country. Our focus is to help explore and test ideas for new and existing spaces.

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