A&DS and RIAS Student Awards for Architecture 2020 – The Results

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The A&DS and RIAS Student Awards for Architecture are now in the 19th year. This year we saw a record breaking 96 entries from Scotland’s five schools of architecture. The winning and commended projects were revealed at the RIAS Virtual Convention on 1 October. You can see all the shortlisted projects here.

Congratulations to all the students that participated and the winners! We look forward to seeing all your amazing work as you continue your career.

Explore the winning projects below – you can watch the announcement video, or click on the images to see a slideshow view of the projects.

A&DS Urban Design Award 

Estate of Change – Dana Cherepkova – Glasgow School of Art

This project exhibited relevance, analysis of context and quality of design solution. The regeneration of social housing estates is one of the major architectural challenges of our era, with similar issues existing internationally but requiring solutions based in local context and cultures.

The project relates to its wider city context and addresses the issue of integrating large residential blocks into a new and richer environment. Issues such as climate change, sustainability and social cohesion are explored at a detailed level with specific solutions suggested.

Presented in a clear and concise way, this project shows how a neglected and uninspiring physical environment can be transformed into a place of wellbeing and joy, where people would actually choose to live.

See a gallery of images at the bottom of this page. 


A&DS Sustainable Design Award

Commended: Dana Cherepkova – Glasgow School of Art

This project addresses current issues/challenges concerning the arrangement of existing housing, services and community use and skilfully resolves these in a coherent and colourful way.  This project promotes socially sustainable design and re-use by creatively re-imagining an existing neighbourhood – and achieves this by a careful balance of pragmatism, agility and ambition.


Winner: Guro Vold – Glasgow School of Art

This project tackles the landscape of industry and enterprise with an elegant building proposal formed through a modular and circular approach to materials and construction.

It challenges norms and establishes a prototype that could be applied in a variety of locations. The attention to detail and creative thinking around supply, form and construction is particularly strong and well-handled.

The proposed suite of materials, details and construction techniques are combined to form a dramatic section and distinctive form that is beautifully articulated and represented.

See a gallery of images at the bottom of this page. 

A&DS Award for Best 3rd Year Student

Highly Commended: A performance on water – Linda Ledina – Glasgow School of Art

A really complete project which has a lyrical quality. You could imagine it as being a good place to be. You can clearly see the context and placement in this project, and it showcases someone who understands the place and the brief.


Winner:  Amphibious – Lily Whitehouse – Glasgow School of Art

From the moment of encounter of this project from a trout’s perspective, one is reeled in. ‘Amphibious’ draws reference from Aldo Rossi’s floating Theatro del Mondo, as it co-exists, momentarily, periodically, on land and on water.

This is a contextually considered project, which draws on the memory of place (Balloch’s history), and people (childhood journeys and adventures), and yet is not nostalgic.  The presentation carries the narrative of the brief coherently: as something wistful andoptimistic!

Judges felt this was a rich and evocative proposal, presented earnestly and with sensitivity.

See a gallery of images at the bottom of this page. 


The RIAS Andy MacMillan Drawing Award

Commended: Linda Ledina – Glasgow School of Art

A beautiful set of drawings demonstrating great sensitivity to the site and its natural setting. The judges enjoyed the way in which the atmospheric and contextual qualities of the proposal were communicated so vividly and worthy of a commendation in what was a very strong short-list.


Winner: A Provocative Story of an Apocalypse: Antwerp and the Ark
Andrew Law Zi Hang – Glasgow School of Art

An exemplary set of drawings which provide a clear narrative, delivered with great skill and imagination. Every sheet very rich in detail, beautifully rendered and could easily be part of a publication. The judges felt that the combination of theatricality and atmosphere which this project communicates make it a worthy winner of the RIAS Andy MacMillan Drawing Award.

See a gallery of images at the bottom of this page. 

RIAS Rowand Anderson Silver Medal for Best Scottish Student

Commended: Community Housing, Kirkwall, Orkney
Claire Milnes, Robert Gordon University.

Claire Milnes Community Housing scheme in Kirkwall, Orkney demonstrated a strong societal agenda, with the ‘home’ at the heart of its program. The resolution of the plan, innovative creation of courtyards and the boldness to skew the grid showed great understanding of the spaces around and in-between the architecture.

Good housing is hard to achieve, plan and approach. This project tackles not only the plan but the interaction with ‘the street’, the need for intergenerational living and inclusivity. The judges felt the project strived to design a community and that it was an exceptional entry.


Winner: SELF & OTHERS: Towards Glasgow as an Inter-subjective Project
Mohannad Khalaf, University of Strathclyde

Self & Others is a bold, spiritual project exploring a series of spaces and divisions in Glasgow. It has a very brave brief resulting in a powerful contemplative project; where tension turns into architecture. It was refreshing to see a project take something like this on and explore social sustainability in this manner. The scale and ambition of the project is incredibly impressive with its spirit running through every drawing. One can imagine this in situ in Glasgow, reflecting a true sense of place and identity. A very worth winner with exceptional levels of representation.


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