Speirs Lock: Sharing the Place: ‘Collaboration’ Podcast uploaded

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A new podcast has been published on the Speirs Lock: Sharing the Place blog. This episode, the second in the series, focuses on the concept of ‘collaboration’ in terms of urban regeneration.

The content is taken from a roundtable discussion and a number of walking tour interviews around Speirs Lock.

The purpose of collaborative working is sometimes commercial, sometimes social, sometimes community and environmental. The businesses form and prosper through collaboration, people doing things together. One of the round table particpants, Indy Johar, talks about a new revolution in the way that people are being organised – the idea that a series of people and spaces can form an ‘eco-system’ as opposed to just being tenants in ‘a building’.

The podcast discusses the design of spaces for social interaction and collaboration with the example of the refurbishment of a former Whisky Bond which will provide a new home for Glasgow Sculpture Studios, a canal-side gallery and affordable workspace for creative industries to run businesses. As well as individual ‘private’ units the refurbished building will provide central communal areas for open discussion amongst tenants to encourage idea sharing and possible collaboration projects. Modelling and refurbishment of tenant’s own creative spaces is encouraged in order to instil a sense of ownership.

Click here to listen to the the podcast.

The final podcast, which explores the ‘Importance of Space’, will be uploaded shortly.


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