Small School Design Case Studies

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St Mungo Primary School, Halyrude RC Primary School and a Trio of Schools in the Scottish Borders are the subject of three new case studies looking at the design and key features of small schools.

St Mungo Primary School, Dumfries and Galloway

St Mungo Primary is a small school in a listed converted church on the outskirts of the village of Kettleholm, in Dumfries and Galloway. Its recent refurbishment has refreshed the building and given a new lease of life to the school building and the small community of 34 pupils.

A key feature of St Mungo’s is the access it has to a forest garden which is located a few hundred metres away in local estate land. Children are regularly taken out of the school and accompanied into the woods for outdoor ‘learning in the forest’ days.

For more information, read the case study.

Halyrude RC Primary School, Scottish Borders

Halyrude Roman Catholic Primary School is a small school in the town on Peebles. The school building, formerly Kingsland Primary School, was substantially re-modelled for the arrival of the new community of learners, which includes the Tweeddale Support Centre and pre-school learners in the Rosetta Playgroup.

The re-modelled school provides a more open and dynamic environment for learning, centred around a double height top lit space.

For more information, read the case study.

Ettrick, Yarrow and Kirkhope Primaries (Trio of Schools), Scottish Borders

This trio of small rural schools are located near Selkirk in the Scottish Borders. The three schools are located across two valleys, with thirty miles of country roads linking the communities. They joined up in 2009 and maintain a close relationshop through a carefully planned programme of collaborative working throughout the year.

These collaborations bring many benefits, but the schools also continue to acknowledge and celebrate their unique identities.

For more information, read the case study.

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