Shawlands Academy on the Noticed Board

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An exhibition showcasing the Shawlands Academy Lighting Project is on The Noticed Board at The Lighthouse, Glasgow (19th April – 27th May 2013). It is being shown as part of a wider exhibition looking at ‘The Re:Design Option‘.

The Schools Programme at Architecture and Design Scotland worked with pupils at Shawlands Academy to re-imagine the facade of their school, as part of a wider regeneration project.

Workshops took place with pupils to explore the idea of using public art and lighting to transform the school’s frontage. Their ideas were developed into a visual brief, which formed an important part of a wider tender document which went out to designers. Students and staff involved in the workshops were invited to sit on the panel, which selected the winning proposal for the lighting project.

London-based lighting design agency, Light Collective, were chosen to take forward the project with Shawlands Academy, and working with the pupils they developed a light show for the school.

This exhibition shows a scaled version of the lighting show, as well as a short animation telling the story of the project.

Film directed and produced by Toad’s Caravan


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