SERVICE: Town Centre Living Advice

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Architecture and Design Scotland is developing a design advice service on town centre living.
The service aims to:

  • Help improve the quality of proposals commissioned by public sector
  • Support the Scottish Government’s Housing and Town Centre Agendas
  • Support the ‘Town Centre First Principle’.

Who is it for?

The service is aimed at public sector agencies involved in services, housing or planning around town centres.

Initially we are focusing on the town centre as a Caring Place. This explores bringing together care and placemaking to help tackle the challenges of the ageing population. This is done through:

  • supporting a range of quality housing that meet older people’s needs;
  • supporting the delivery of services and environments to support older people’s health and social care needs;
  • improving the quality of proposals commissioned by the public sector.

How we can help

 The service has two strands:

  • Supporting workshops to create opportunities for town centre living.
  • Creating and sharing resources on what is possible around town centre housing.

Get in touch
If you are involved in provision of services, housing or planning around town centres please get in touch with us.

Please email Steve Malone.



Please see our series of blogs on A Caring Place and case studies  on Town Centre Living here.

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